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We are here to support your zero-waste lifestyle, even during a pandemic. Here’s how. 
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“From planned monthly lists to franctic calls when I’m running out of flour, Gayatri accommodates us so that we get what we need and don’t have to compromise on our intent to reduce our plastic footprint. We are proud partners of ecoSansar on this journey to do what we can for the planet.”

Neha & Sameer

“If Gayatri (founder ecoSansar) doesnt have it, she will get it for you. She is very passionate about the cause and the fact that she drives all over bangalore making deliveries is testomant to the fact. My journey with ecoSansar has been very nice and the warm passionate person at the forefront of it all makes it a very pleasurable experience.”

Vidya, Sarjapur

“I have been a customer of healthy buddha for a very long time but the pile of mounting plastic covers kept bothering me. Gayathri from ecoSansar was able to address this for me. She is your personal shopper who picks up the supplies you need and delivers it at home. In addition to Healthy Buddha groceries, she is also your goto person for eco friendly cleaners, tooth powders etc etc.”

Vidya Sarjapur

“Truly impressed by Gayatri’s zeal and passion to make the world more eco friendly. Love the organic products from ecoSansar with their no-plastic policy.”

Sabitha, Banaswadi

“In my search to find zero waste suppliers who would deliver organic groceries and supplies at home, I finally chanced upon ecoSansar. In a city like Bangalore, where traffic can overwhelm you, even a deep rooted desire to be sustainable can take a hit. At these times, people like Gayathri who run ecoSansar can come to your aid.”

Vidya from Sarjapur

“It is always difficult to convert an intention into action. We have been wanting to reduce the plastic we bring into our lives for a while and keep making small changes in our lifestyle. What Ecosansar gave us was a convenient alternative to make the change to zero-waste and zero packaging high quality organic (non-chemical) groceries!”

Neha & Sameer

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