Live Zero Waste!
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Live Zero Waste!
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Have you noticed at home, all those cardboard and plastics from your online shopping or food delivery piling up? Or your garbage bin stuffed with all those plastic packets that come from groceries and vegetables and everyday kitchen items?


 ( Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash)

Materials are so easily and cheaply available to us that we Take-Make/Use-Waste. This is what is referred to as the linear economy.

The Linear Economy

Waste —Words our ancestors’ would have never considered  Maybe you remember when you were young how your mother or grandmother used to collect the white strings from the paper food packaging and use them to crochet or old clothes used to be turned into quilts or mattresses or the really old and torn ones into wash rags. Milk bottles and steel containers were reusable. Everything had an additional value and a purpose. Seldom did anything land in the trash.

Urbanization, population growth and consumer capitalism seem to have gotten rid of this traditional frugal and innovative way of using our resources. 

( Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash)

India is swimming in a waste crisis but we do have the opportunity to decide how we buy and what we buy and how much waste that might be generated.

Want to leave the linear economy behind. Start now by shopping at ecoSansar and learn how to live ZeroWaste!

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