Live Zero Waste!
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Live Zero Waste!
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Our lives in the last couple of months have taken a strange turn. We’ve gone from FOMO (fear of missing out) to FOGO (fear of going out). With restrictions, we aren’t able to take our own shopping bags to stores anymore. With contactless deliveries, we have an increased pile-up of bags and cartons.

If you were someone who was trying to help the environment before and attempt a zero waste living, this definitely became really tough, almost impossible over the last two months.

Here at ecoSansar, we have been working to build this unique eCommerce platform with reverse logistics. As we launch in these uncertain times we want you to know that we are as committed to your health and wellbeing as we are to the environment.

Through this pandemic we are seeing the flaws of many systems. What better time than to push towards a more resilient way of life that is both beneficial for us and the planet.

Please Note:

We have temporarily stopped customer walk-ins at the store to reduce the probabilities of contamination. We instead will be delivering to your doorstep.

This would mean extended delivery times, but it is in the interest of customer safety and hygiene.

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