Live Zero Waste!
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Live Zero Waste!
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People, planet & prosperity

by building a zero-waste supply chain to help you to reduce your single-use packaging waste
We work with suppliers that make sustainable products but most importantly believe in our philosophy of Zero Waste.

Our Zero Waste Suppliers

Praana Poorna Collective

Praanapoorna makes natural cleaners are from completely natural ingredients. After human use, they can be absorbed by the earth without causing harm to anything else alive (Hence the name “PraanaPoorna”). In some cases, natural cleaners have also helped revive and rejuvenate good microorganisms in polluted water bodies.

Botanica Essenuals

Botanica Essensuals is a humble attempt catering to safe personal care products that are safe for humankind and environment. We are working towards bringing handcrafted natural products that are not only safe but also very effective to revitalize your skin. Here you will know every single ingredient that is going into the product you are using and it’s benefits.

Healthy Buddha

Healthy Budda are organic certified by NPOP, India. They have their own ​​​farms and also source directly from a handpicked network of ​organic farmers​


Handcrafted natural cold process soaps made with love. No chemicals and zero waste

Why Choose Us

We want to leave a better world for this generation. Through our process of onboarding suppliers of sustainable products, packing and dispatching products we aim to
Make cleaner waterways through natural cleaners & products
Better soil health through organic produce
Support skill development regenerating livelihood through handicrafts
Give new life to products by upcycling.
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