Natural bodyscrub – orange and soapnut


Orange and Soapnut bodyscrub powder is made of just the 2 ingredients mentioned, nothing else.

Orange peels are sundried and grinded along with soapnuts and there, you have a wonderfully fragrant, refreshing scrub. A small quantity here goes a long way!

This one is so versatile and effective! You could simply mix it with water and use it as an alternative to bathing soap sometime too!

Put in a few drops of essential oil as you please e.g. ylang ylang for some moisturizing. Or you could mix it with besan and water to create a smoother paste. Add turmeric powder for healing acnes…when you make your own, possibilities are endless…

As always with any skin product, do a patch test first incase you intend to make your own bathing scrub mix.


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