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At ecoSansar, we provide reusable and returnable packaging services, be it groceries, personal care, handicrafts or more. We work closely with brands to choose the right packaging and engage with communities to handle the logistics for take-back by accepting returns, sterilising the containers and bringing them back in pristine conditions to be used all over again. Any non-reusables are diverted for recycling. By partnering with us, the life of packaging can be extended, possibly making them low waste!


ecoSansar started in 2007 as an online grocery service with a mission to provide the convenience of online shopping without its packaging waste. It was essentially a marketplace with zero-waste delivery system. ecoSansar successfully home delivered close to 40,000 products with an inventory of just about 400 containers. This was achieved through a simple collect - wash - refill process. Consumers were motivated through a Deposit Refund System to return containers. We recently discontinued our grocery shop, and evolved into a zero waste packaging service provider. The on ground experience and intensive constant brainstorming with advisors, mentors and stakeholders during our initial days has resulted in us maturing as specialists for establishing the Reverse Chain for packaging reuse.


Meet the Team


Gayatri Joshi


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Ranjith Rao.jpeg

Ranjith Rao

Business Coach

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Amod Kabade_edited.jpg

Amod Kabade

Tech Strategy Consultant

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Pallavi Sharma

Advisor / Leadership Mentor

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Rohini Ravee Ramanathan

Media Specialist

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Ranjith Rao, Business Coach

From the word go, Gayatri has been a symbol of grit and resilience in shaping her purpose and ambitions through ecoSansar. Her mission to reduce the use of plastics in our day to day life and make an impact in the sustainability space has been commendable. She has worked her way up against all odds and shaped ecoSanar so well. Over the years ecoSansar has been instrumental in providing sustainable solutions via different means and Gayatri has moved with time and adapted to the need of the hour. With a refined vision and "surgical" tactic of focusing purely  on reverse logistics this year, Gayatri and ecoSansar will surely make a dent where needed. I wish her and ecoSansar the very best.
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