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About Us

The concept of Circular Economy has evolved over time, gaining widespread acknowledgement and acceptance among stakeholders through the value chain. ecoSansar has been a thought leader in circular and reusable packaging, having 7 years of experience through various trials and experimentation. ecoSansar originally started as a zerowaste grocery store transcending to an online grocery marketplace with a mission to provide the convenience of online shopping without its packaging waste. It was essentially a marketplace with zero-waste delivery system. ecoSansar successfully home delivered close to 40,000 products with an inventory of just about 400 containers. The on ground experience and intensive constant brainstorming with advisors, mentors and stakeholders during our initial days has resulted in us maturing as specialists for establishing the Reverse Chain for packaging reuse.

Our Journey 

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Zero-Waste Grocery Store Front

A pioneering venture for buying organic groceries without unnecessary packaging. This was made possible by having returnable containers, refundable deposits, encouraging consumers to bring their own packaging, welcoming donations of containers and upcycling packaging from scrap material. 


Our innovative approach quickly gained traction among a dedicated community of environmentally conscious consumers, who eagerly embraced our ethos. Beyond mere transactions, our store front became a hub for engaging conversations and shared learning experiences. We take pride in inspiring many individuals at that time, fostering enduring loyalty among our patrons at ecoSansar. 

Community Collection

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One of the primary hurdles in implementing a Circular Economy is prompting behavioural shifts in consumers. Through our diverse donation drives, we’ve gained insights into individual consumer responses and motivations across different segments. 

Contrary to common assumptions, modern consumers are enthusiastic about adopting sustainable options when presented effectively. Our voluntary collection drives consistently yielded positive results, showcasing consumer’s willingness to participate in sustainable practices.



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In our efforts to optimize existing resources, we are creating a marketplace for second hand packaging and packaging materials. This exercise is intended to be a quick fix while gaining perspectives

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Online Marketplace - Deposit Refund System

As the trend towards online shopping gained momentum, we responded by launching our own marketplace, complete with a first of its kind, integrated deposit refund system for containers. We now had new learnings about logistical challenges, product and logistics based packaging requirements, managing irregular returns and tracking deposits. Every challenge and every interaction were now new learnings.


Despite challenges, our system persevered through the pandemic. However, the landscape quickly evolved with the emergence of fast commerce, offering 10 minute deliveries - a level of convenience beyond our capacity as a small business. Consequently, we made the difficult decision to discontinue our grocery arm, recognizing the impossibility of matching such rapid service. 


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Understanding the operations, mindset, challenges and requirements of DWCCs (Dry Waste Collection Centers) is crucial for designing an inclusive and effective reuse chain. We’ve engaged in open dialogues with them and were pleasantly surprised by their readiness to offer unconditional support and cooperation for the advancement of the reuse chain. This speaks volumes about the significance of effective recycling of household waste for them. Food for thought indeed!

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We remain steadfast in our commitment to establishing a system for reusing packaging after consumption, as that has always been our primary core value. 

We’ve developed specific models tailored to diverse business types, drawing from our experience of implementing DRS (Deposit Refund System) in the grocery marketplace. This expertise enables us to design a comprehensive value chain encompassing logistics, reuse/refill/repurpose strategies and operational requirements. We’re currently seeking funded packaging reuse pilot opportunities from producers to implement the value chain for your unique needs.


Meet the Team


Gayatri Joshi


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Amod Kabade

Business and Tech Strategy Consultant

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Rohini Ravee Ramanathan

Media Specialist

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Pallavi Sharma

Advisor / Leadership Mentor

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Capt Tapas Majumdar

Sustainability Practitioner / Advisor / ESG consultant 

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Ranjith Rao

Business Coach

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Ranjith Rao, Business Coach

From the word go, Gayatri has been a symbol of grit and resilience in shaping her purpose and ambitions through ecoSansar. Her mission to reduce the use of plastics in our day to day life and make an impact in the sustainability space has been commendable. She has worked her way up against all odds and shaped ecoSanar so well. Over the years ecoSansar has been instrumental in providing sustainable solutions via different means and Gayatri has moved with time and adapted to the need of the hour. With a refined vision and "surgical" tactic of focusing purely  on reverse logistics this year, Gayatri and ecoSansar will surely make a dent where needed. I wish her and ecoSansar the very best.
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