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Our Services

Consulting for Reusable Packaging

Through ecoSansar's 7 year journey, we  experimented with various models of packaging reuse within the Circular Economy framework, gathering invaluable insights along the way. We’ve discovered challenges for vendors, understood consumer expectations, categorised packaging by products and recognised subtleties between refill, reuse and repurpose processes. We’re now here to share our expertise to help you accelerate your progress by crafting a tailored roadmap for your specific needs. 

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Glass Bottle Community Collection Service

Though highly recyclable, glass is tough to handle and has low value, hence, doesn't get accepted by most waste collectors. We're here to help you handle this. When you register for this service, we will pick up the aggregated bottles from your community on a pre-decided schedule. These bottles will be sterilised and channeled for reuse, or for recycling if unusable.

Marketplace for
Second-Hand Packaging

If you're in need for affordable, second-hand packaging for your business, here's the place! We sterilise used bottles of different sizes and sell them. These may be particularly useful for:

  • Art and craft lovers

  • Decorators

  • Candle makers

  • Small and home businesses who need smaller MOQs at affordable prices

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Deposit Return System

Remember those days when we used to return soft drink bottles to the store, which were cleaned and reused? That's similar to a deposit-return system where customers pay a deposit which will be refund upon return of the bottle. This ensures close to nil packaging waste, and it is cost-effective in the long run. We help you set up this system for your business and handle the logistics - single point pickup, sterilisation, and single point delivery of clean bottles!

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